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Client- Innovative Answers Service provides Home Service Providers with premier contact center  solutions acting as the front end for their customer contact experience. From air conditioning service to garage doors and repairs, IAS answers and schedules thousands of calls a day for nationwide businesses from their Sarasota and Philadelphia offices. NETsystems has been providing the Contact Center Solution for IAS since 2014. 


· The Innovative Answers Call Center answers thousands of calls a day, so high availability, reliability, and support was a must.

· To deal with the potential of storms and sever weather impact, IAS required a redundant cloud-based data center solution to augment their data center.

· IAS utilizes a proprietary CRM and Dispatch solution aptly named Rover,  and also supports clients who use the ServiceTitan CRM Home Service Software and needed a PBX interface to track locations, DID’s and populate the screen with customer information.

· Robust Softphone and the ability to select the appropriate franchise caller-ID.

· SMS Texting to both the homeowner and the field service techs.


· Our systems are located in SOC 1 Type II Audited, HIPPA and PCI compliant data center, with N+1 redundant power and cooling systems as well as being on the priority grid for power. With backup systems in data centers in Maryland, Denver and Boston we can offer the highest level of availability.

· IAS utilizes the Zultys MXV system housed in their data center that their staff supports as their primary solution. However during storm outages in the past, or as in one occurrence….. a building tenant had an overflowing toilet which flooded the floors below! Using the Zultys MXV system in our data centers as a backup in conjunction with the Zultys Flex communicator,  IAS  can take maximum advantage of the ServiceTitan CRM software. The Flex communicator software integrates to both browser based and client applications like Goldmine and Salesforce and will pass information such as Caller ID name and number and other Call Added Data to the client applications.

· By implementing the Call Added Data feature of Zultys we can show the agent the market name as well as pull downs to select other relevant information about the call. The agent also can select the franchise code to out-pulse the appropriate caller-ID when calling the homeowner.

· The SIP trunks that NETsystems utilizes include two-way SMS texting to allow contact center agents to quickly and efficiently communicate time of arrival and other important information to both homeowner and service technicians.  

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