Altamonte Pediatrics Associates



Client Profile- Altamonte Pediatric Associates is one of the largest Peds practices in Central Florida, with 2 satellite offices in addition to their main practice site in Altamonte Springs.


· Centralized appointment and scheduling for all offices

· Nurse triage includes teleworkers from home offices

· Provider accessibility using mobility apps for urgent calls from lab & hospital

· Requirement for flexible and easily customizable attendants based on day of week and extended hours

Solution- NETsystems has been the telephony vendor for the practice since 2001, and in 2017 we replaced their aging AltiGen system with a new Zultys VMware premise-based PBX.

· The Integrated Contact Center module allows the Scheduling Group to process the high volume of calls, with overflow to a backup group for especially heavy call days. Additionally, the queue call back feature allows busy and harried parents the option to keep their place in queue for the next available agent.

· The triage group takes calls to determine I fan office visit is warranted, and the team includes office-based nurses as well as teleworkers who use remote IP phones and the Zultys Mobility app on their cell phones to provide seamless call flow. Plus, all the call recording, monitoring and reporting metrics are collected, just as if the nurse was at the office.

· Providers and physician assistants are constantly in and out of exam rooms, doing dictation, and are not often at their desk. By using the Zultys Mobility app, their nurses can IM them for important calls, or transfer the calls to them. Plus, the doctors can page their nurse for assistance when needed in the exam room.

· To make it as convenient as possible for parents, the practice has extended hours Monday thru Friday, and office hours on Saturday. However not all the departments such as billing or medical records are available in the extended hours. The flexible scheduler of the Zultys IVR accommodates the need for varied hours. Plus, the ability to easily add information to the attendants for Flu shots, school physicals and other seasonal information can be done with a click of a mouse.

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